Saturday, June 22, 2013


Welcome to my new page ** BE A SOCIAL MEDIA MOM*. I am excited to start this page again for you. I did have a page similar to this one but, had a lot going on my life at that time and had to pick and choose what to keep. Well, I have missed it like crazy so, I am back.

About me:

I guess you can say I have pretty much done it all. I started an ebay business back in 2004 and love it, It's called Forever A Teen, I have mark business and mentor over 180 girls on how to grow their business, I created a group called Eaton County and Beyond Small/Homebased businesses to help businesses help eachother, I have 2 fan pages, Twitters, helped a small business build their business through social media and have set up blogs for multiple people the easy way.

How did I learn how to do all of this?

It's easy, I searched and taught myself. I plan to work on taking a course soon for all of those sceptics out there but, for now, I can teach you what has worked for me and has made me successful at what I do. I love it!

Do you want to be a social media mom?

You can totally do it. It takes time, commitment and the ready to succeed attitude. Always know you will have ups and downs but, those that do great are the ones that NEVER GIVE UP. That is what your goal should be.

Most importantly, you need to decide what type of business you want. This right here alone is what will help you to get started. What are you good at? What is your passion? Are you a fashionista, a home decorator, a person that loves to shop? What do you like to do? Are you someone that makes your own stuff but, you have no idea how to get it out there for people to sell? Well, my plan is to help you to do this.

How does this work?

It works by social media and a positive attitude to work hard. What do I want you to do? First, follow my blog. You have to do this to get started.

NOW REMEMBER: what I teach you is only based on what has worked from me, I do not claim I have done all of this on my own, I have learned things from other sites. I am not a specialist, just someone that took time ( a lot of it) to teach herself. I can only give you ideas but, if you choose to take them, this is up to you and I will not be held responsible if it doesn't work, I only can tell you to not give up and keep on trying new things.


Let's do this!!!

If you don't have any idea where to start. I can give you 2 businesses I am a part of and 1 I mentor. I feel they are both awesome and a great start for those unsure of what to do.

Mark. ( the sister of avon) that's what I call it. Mark is an amazing fashion business, that keeps up with the latest trends. If you are a fashionista, you will love mark. I love the confidence I have gotten from this business. What have I gotten out of it otherwise: I became a mentor after only 4 months of signingup. I was top seller or top recruiter repeatedly before I became mentor. I currently took on two regions Ohio and Indianapolis but, I can still add other areas to my team. We have a lot of thos. :D So, if you are ready to become a fashionista. mark is an amazing business to grow and I can help you.

How to join: Use referral code: 13266151 and put Holly Lahr as mentor . Message me after you sign up here: It only costs $38 to join and you don't ever have to pay another dime, unless you want ofcourse. No fees, quottas. its' awesome!

Another business I just joined recently is At home. I joined because it was free and I love to decorate. I have had 6 people sign up in only a few weeks and it's only been around for about 6 months. So, it's a great starter business. I am doing both. :D you can sign up here:  IT's like mark, NO QUOTTAS and NO FEES. I love it!! Just do what you want, when you want.

Another amazing business is: having an ebay store. You have to decide what to seel and where to get it. But, I also have this. Mine is called Forever A teen.

I am a busy girl and I love it! These are just a few ideas for you. ALL I CAN SAY IS...

Get started now owning your own business and BE A SOCIAL MEDIA MOM NOW!